Interior Shutters

Our interior shutters are custom-made, keeping tradition in mind.  We designed the panel shutters using proportions best replicating historic shutters.  Similarly, we designed our hinge mortising system in recognition of the importance of traditional butt hinges for historically significant products.  Our interpanel hinges are properly proportioned and mortised in to the edge of the shutter; a rarity in today's shutter market.  It may cost a little more in the construction process but we believe the end result is worth the extra effort.  We manufacture our paneled shutters using solid basswood, favored for its even, straight grain, particularly important for the long lasting stability of paneled products.  For our customers seeking privacy and light together we carry movable louvered Traditional and Plantation shutters.   The louvered shutters are American-made of poplar, another straight-grained wood that resists dents and takes paint well.

Raised & Flat Panel Shutters


Traditional & Plantation Louvered Shutters


Fabric Insert Shutters


Specialty Interior Shutters